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AWS launches separate cloud for EU customers to help with data sovereignty

AWS is launching a new solution aimed at companies operating in the European Union (EU). The new AWS European Sovereign Cloud is separated from the existing AWS Regions in the area and includes more options for deployment. The company launched this new cloud in an effort to help companies meet “data residency, operational autonomy, and … continue reading

Finout announces cost saving solution for AWS

The FinOps platform Finout has announced the release of its Cost Optimizer for AWS, which uses AI to reduce bills by up to 60%.  To save customers money, it evaluates changes in usage patterns and then identifies the optimal Reserved Instance capacity that a customer needs to meet its targets. Then, if usage drops, Finout … continue reading

Amazon Security Lake enables better understanding of organizations’ security posture

Amazon recently announced the general availability of Security Lake, which automatically centralizes an organization’s security data from across their AWS environments, leading SaaS providers, on-premises environments, and cloud sources into a data lake. The tool adapts and standardizes incoming security data to align with the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF), which is a universally accepted … continue reading

Automation Anywhere launches partnership with AWS

Cloud-native intelligent automation provider, Automation Anywhere, announced its collaboration with AWS to introduce cutting-edge intelligent automation and generative AI advancements to the market. The partnership makes effective use of Amazon SageMaker JumpStart, a service that provides access to pre-trained models sourced from open-source platforms.  Additionally, Automation Anywhere will leverage Amazon Bedrock, an AWS fully managed … continue reading

New Amazon Detective features simplify AWS Security Findings analysis

New features in Amazon Detective enable customers to quickly and efficiently investigate AWS security issues.  Detective collects and analyzes events from AWS CloudTrail logs, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) Flow Logs, Amazon GuardDuty findings, and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) audit logs that describe IP traffic, AWS management operations, and malicious or unauthorized activity. … continue reading

AWS now offers a single place in console for managing notifications across services and accounts

Amazon is making it easier to consolidate notifications across all your AWS services with the launch of AWS User Notifications. The new feature is a capability in the AWS console that provides a single location for managing notifications across multiple AWS accounts, regions, and services. According to AWS, there are over 100 services that can … continue reading

Provisioning capacity for Athena allows users to prioritize, control, and scale queries

AWS has recently announced the ability to provision capacity to run Athena queries. With this, users can dedicate capacity for their queries and utilize new workload management features to prioritize, control, and scale important queries while only paying for the capacity being provisioned. Athena is a query service that is geared at simplifying the process … continue reading

AWS Chatbot can now be used for troubleshooting from within Microsoft Teams

AWS announced that teams can now use AWS Chatbot to troubleshoot and operate AWS resources from Microsoft Teams.  This provides a more streamlined way to interact with AWS services from the Teams platform, allowing users to quickly access resources and services, and to receive notifications. The integration also supports user authentication for secure access to … continue reading

Styra introduces new authorization policy tools

The creators and maintainers of Open Policy Agent (OPA), Styra, announced a broad policy library and toolset for infrastructure for Styra Declarative Authorization Service (DAS).  Styra now offers hundreds of validated policies from its expanded library that are compliant with NIST Special Publication (SP) 800-190, in order to address security concerns related to the use … continue reading 360 released to help with better Kubernetes observability revealed its Open 360 Platform at AWS re:Invent 2022 to deliver to help observability teams focus on, and pay for, only the most critical data. Users will gain centralized, cross-stack Kubernetes observability to an expanded data collection agent. Open 360 includes Kubernetes 360 to deliver unified observability for Kubernetes environments, Telemetry Collector … continue reading

Economic uncertainty, cloud-native technology, and demands for data sovereignty will reshape the cloud in 2023

Economic uncertainty, cloud-native technology, and demands for data sovereignty will reshape the cloud in 2023, according to the Predictions 2023: Cloud Computing report by Forrester.  Despite the economic uncertainty that lies ahead, cloud-native is projected to go mainstream as companies plan to freeze investment in legacy systems and invest more in technologies such as Kubernetes.  … continue reading

Amazon File Cache now available

AWS has announced Amazon File Cache, a new high-speed cache service on AWS designed for processing file data stored in varying locations.  It gives applications access to using the POSIX interface, regardless of whether it is on-premises or on any file system that can be accessed through NFS v3 or on Amazon Simple Storage Service … continue reading

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