Kyndryl has announced a new collaboration with AWS to provide its customers better insights into threats in their AWS environments.

Kyndryl Threat Insights Managed Service provides a central repository for security data from AWS using Amazon Security Lake. 

By being able to access security data from a single view, companies will be able to uncover insights faster and act on remediation recommendations, Kyndryl explained. 

The new service is integrated into Kyndryl Bridge, which is an integration platform that provides visibility across a company’s different systems and technologies. 

“Security leaders understand that cyber incidents are inevitable, and they know it’s essential to have sufficient visibility to drive quick response,” said Michelle Weston, VP of security and resiliency at Kyndryl. “By joining Kyndryl’s deep cybersecurity expertise with the benefits of Amazon Security Lake, we can address the urgent need for an integrated approach to security and resilience, empowering our customers to not only anticipate and protect against threats, but also to quickly withstand and recover.”

More information about Kyndryl’s partnership with AWS is available here