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ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Cilium

Cilium provides eBPF-based networking, observability, and security for container workloads. It enables users to secure network connectivity between application services deployed using Linux container management platforms like Kubernetes. Cilium is built upon a Linux kernel technology known as eBPF. This technology allows for the real-time integration of robust security, visibility, and network control logic directly … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: OpenTofu

The Linux Foundation has introduced OpenTofu, another open-source alternative to the Terraform infrastructure as code provisioning tool.  This move was prompted by Terraform’s recent license change from MPLv2 to a Business Source License v1.1, which raised concerns in the open-source community. The switch early last month involved HashiCorp’s’ products including the infrastructure-as-code service Terraform, the … continue reading

Upbound launches Spaces to help companies manage their control planes

Upbound, the company known for the Crossplane open-source project, has introduced “Spaces,” a new feature allowing platform teams to deploy managed control planes in self-managed environments.  Upbound’s managed control planes offer improved scalability, declarative APIs, and Git integration, catering to a range of self-managed needs, including air-gapped and private cloud environments. These control planes help … continue reading

Akash updates its “Supercloud for AI” with easier access to GPUs

Overclock Labs, creators of the open-source distributed network Akash, aims to tackle the difficulty that comes with looking for on-demand compute with new updates to its Supercloud, essentially a “cloud of clouds” that enables users to access compute resources, including GPUs, from a wide array of providers, spanning from independent to hyperscale, according to Akash.  … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Artifact Hub

Artifact Hub is a web application designed for locating, installing, and sharing packages and configurations related to CNCF projects. It addresses the challenge of discovering compatible artifacts for CNCF projects. It’s an open-source project licensed under the Apache License 2.0. Instead of each project creating its own artifact hub, which results in duplication and confusion … continue reading

In response to Terraform license change, OpenTF forms and creates open-source fork of project

Earlier this month, HashiCorp announced it would be switching the license for all of its products to a Business Source License (BSL), changing from the Mozilla Public License v2.0 (MPL 2.0) that they were originally under. Its products include the infrastructure-as-code service Terraform, the images-as-code solution Packer, and the identity-based security solution Vault.  In response … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Rustdesk

RustDesk is a full-featured open-source remote control alternative for self-hosting and security with minimal configuration. It functions as a full-featured remote desktop app that works on works on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Web. It also supports VP8 / VP9 / AV1 software codecs, and H264 / H265 hardware codecs. “You have full control of … continue reading

White House seeking public and private sector input to strengthen the open-source ecosystem

The White House recently issued a request for information (RFI) that seeks public and private sector input as federal leadership develops its strategy and action plan to strengthen the open-source software ecosystem. The RFI builds on the administration’s strategy “to invest in the development of secure software, including memory-safe languages and software development techniques, frameworks, … continue reading

Several companies form new open-source project to improve cyberattack detection and remediation

The Open CyberSecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) is an open-source project that provides a framework for developing security schemas.  In order to detect and stop cyberattacks, there must be coordination across several different tools, but that currently requires a lot of time and resources because there is no standard, vendor-agnostic schema these tools follow, OCSF explained. … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Llama2 WebUI

With this project, users can run Llama 2 locally with gradio UI on GPU or CPU from anywhere (Linux/Windows/Mac).  It supports Llama-2-7B/13B/70B with 8-bit, 4-bit. It also supports GPU inference (6 GB VRAM) and CPU inference. Llama 2 is a collection of pre-trained and fine-tuned generative text models ranging in scale from 7 billion to … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Shelf

Shelf is a platform that allows users to take pictures of their physical assets and store them in a personal database. Users can generate a printable QR code for each item and attach it to the item for easy future identification and location.  It can be used by individuals, or by companies looking to answer … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Oras

ORAS (OCI Registry As Storage) handles OCI (Open Container Initiative) Artifacts. It doesn’t assume that container images are the main artifacts and places significant importance on media types.  ORAS offers CLI tools and client libraries, enabling the distribution of artifacts across OCI-compliant registries. “Registries are evolving as generic artifact stores. To enable this goal, the … continue reading Protection Status

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