Artifact Hub is a web application designed for locating, installing, and sharing packages and configurations related to CNCF projects. It addresses the challenge of discovering compatible artifacts for CNCF projects. It’s an open-source project licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

Instead of each project creating its own artifact hub, which results in duplication and confusion for users, the Artifact Hub offers a unified platform. It aims to provide a consistent experience for consumers and can be utilized by any CNCF project to simplify artifact management.

Users can explore diverse content like Helm charts, schemas, and templates and also have the option to subscribe to notifications for new releases and security alerts via email or webhooks, while being able to visualize security reports and inspect the changelog of packages.

Artifact Hub allows publishers to list their content in an automated way. Please check out the repositories guide for more details about how to add your repositories.

For those who want to run an Artifact Hub instance in their Kubernetes cluster, the easiest way is by deploying the Helm chart provided. For more details, please see the Helm chart documentation in Artifact Hub.