The FinOps Cost and Usage Specification (FOCUS) provides consistency and standardization to cloud cost data. It helps companies visualize the value of cloud services and transforms complex billing data into a simple standardized schema. 

FOCUS simplifies multi-cloud billing data, enhances reporting consistency across various vendors, and streamlines FinOps capabilities such as allocation, chargeback, budgeting, forecasting, and more.

The FOCUS schema definition and FinOps-aligned terminology offer clear guidelines for creating billing datasets that are compatible with FinOps practices. These datasets empower FinOps practitioners to execute FinOps capabilities using a standardized set of instructions, irrespective of the dataset’s source.

Users can unify and standardize multi-cloud cost and usage data into one consistent data schema and remove the complexity from their data to improve how they report the value of cloud back to the business.

In addition, organizations can simplify intricate cloud and usage data for their customers, aiding in their comprehension of return on investments. Contributing help and guidance is encouraged to ensure the ongoing relevance and currency of FOCUS amidst the continuous evolution of the cloud landscape.

FOCUS assists users in simplifying and consolidating their multi-cloud cost and usage data before integration into their tools. This leads to enhanced FinOps best practices and an improved product experience through a data-driven approach.