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KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024: Istio 1.22, profiling support in OpenTelemetry, wasmCloud 1.0, and more

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2024 is taking place from today until Friday in Paris, France. The event is an annual gathering of Kubernetes operators that is put on by the CNCF and Linux Foundation. The CNCF has announced updates to some of its projects, and a number of vendors also released new things at the … continue reading

New Relic live archives brings real-time access to historical logs

Observability platform provider New Relic today announced the availability of live archives, a long-term storage solution that provides instant access to historical log files. Many large enterprises face regulations and audits that require storage of logs for years, Jemiah Sius, senior director of developer relations, told SD Times. “This is the next step in New … continue reading

New Relic introduces new observability solution for monitoring business processes

The observability company New Relic has announced it is expanding its portfolio with a new open-source offering called New Relic Pathpoint, which provides observability into business processes. It provides insights into all the stages of the customer journey: customer behaviors, transactions, search queries, product selection, processing times, and post-interaction activities.  Having access to these metrics … continue reading

New Relic launches APM solution for AI apps

New Relic has introduced its New Relic AI Monitoring (AIM), an application performance monitoring (APM) solution designed specifically for AI-powered applications.  AIM was made to offer engineers enhanced visibility and insights throughout the AI application stack, facilitating easier troubleshooting and optimization of AI applications in terms of performance, quality, cost, and responsible AI use, according … continue reading

New Relic introduces new playback capability in its observability platform

New Relic has announced a new feature that will let engineers review issues through a video playback feature. New Relic Session Replay provides them with a better understanding of user interactions so they can improve their application experiences. According to data from New Relic, 41% of companies responding to its 2023 Observability Forecast survey claimed … continue reading

New Relic adds AI-recommended alerts

New Relic has upgraded its AIOps capabilities by introducing recommended alerts. This feature utilizes AI to identify unusual patterns, detect areas in the technology stack that lack monitoring, and suggest new alerts to engineers. This enhancement enables swift detection of issues and simplifies the resolution of alert coverage gaps. “In an increasingly dynamic landscape, it’s … continue reading

New Relic releases new infrastructure monitoring solution with competitive pricing model

The observability platform New Relic has just launched a new solution for infrastructure monitoring.  Customers will be able to view key metrics like CPU and memory for hosts, containers, and virtual machines. They can then use this information to identify which applications have under-provisioned resources and make adjustments accordingly.  They will be shown an at-a-glance … continue reading

New Relic announces generative AI observability assistant

The observability platform New Relic today announced New Relic Grok, a generative AI assistant for observability. This tool is geared at minimizing the need to manually sort through data, making observability more accessible, and unlocking insights from any telemetry data source.  With the help of OpenAI’s large language models and New Relic’s unified telemetry data … continue reading

New Relic releases new error tracking capabilities

New Relic, the all-in-one observability platform, today announced the general availability of new error tracking capabilities intended to help engineering teams detect, triage, and take action before users are impacted. According to the company, these new features grow its integrated errors inbox solution to offer a new user impact view, access to correlation data across … continue reading

New Relic announces a new infrastructure monitoring solution

New Relic announced the general availability of a new infrastructure monitoring solution that helps DevOps, SRE and ITOps teams isolate offending infrastructure components and view all related telemetry — including logs, events, and alerts — in context. The new solution aims to tackle the three key issues that surround infrastructure: the complexity of infrastructure, handling … continue reading

Pixie Auto Telemetry now available in New Relic One

Pixie Auto Telemetry, an observability tool that provides visibility into Kubernetes applications, is now available as part of New Relic One.  Pixie automatically captures application profiles with function-level granularity, full-body requests, system metrics and the Kubernetes-specific state of pods and services. “The ever-changing, dynamic nature of Kubernetes environments results in blind spots, and alternative Kubernetes … continue reading

ITOps Times news digest: Google Cloud’s predictive autoscaling, New Relic One + Azure Spring Cloud, and Taoglas acquires Smartsensor Technologies

Google Cloud has announced predictive autoscaling to automatically anticipate future infrastructure capacity needs. The new capability will create VMs when it predicts upcoming demand and provides enough time for applications to initialize in them.  It makes these predictions based on an instance group’s CPU history. It also adjusts forecasts based on recurring load patterns.  Customers … continue reading Protection Status

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