Observability platform provider New Relic today announced the availability of live archives, a long-term storage solution that provides instant access to historical log files.

Many large enterprises face regulations and audits that require storage of logs for years, Jemiah Sius, senior director of developer relations, told SD Times. “This is the next step in New Relic’s log management journey,” he said. “We’re providing teams with solutions where they no longer have to think about what their organization should do with regard to either managing the expensive costs of hot storage, or figuring out a process that will allow them to move their logs into a cold storage solution.” 

He added those costs can be high, and dealing with historical logs creates issues with ingress and egress of logs, along with the human hours needed to build out that plan, which could ultimately result in losing real access to the data.

For companies being audited, for example, Sius explained it can take up to 30 days at time to move the logs back into a solution, and that still doesn’t give you access to the data. Then, there’s the process of rehydrating and analyzing those logs, which takes time, creates a bottleneck, and requires a lot of manual work.

Live archives, he said, removes all of that for IT operators and software engineering teams.

According to the New Relic announcement, the key benefits of live archives include the ability to query and analyze historical logs instantly; the cost savings gotten by not having to pay for moving that log data into and out of the cloud for analysis; and using a New Relic Query Language rule to easily define which logs to store and what to route to live archives.

“It’s getting increasingly difficult for organizations to adhere to technical regulatory compliance requirements, especially with generative AI being integrated into their already complex tech stacks. When critical legal discovery and compliance audit requests arise, IT and engineering teams need quick and easy access to the crucial compliance data in their historical logs,” said Manav Khurana, New Relic’s chief product officer. “Live archives is an extension of New Relic’s log management capabilities and empowers teams to keep their log data in one place while providing instant access, deeper visibility, and greater context, which helps simplify historical log analysis and streamline regulatory compliance.”