Hitachi Vantara has just unveiled new features across its hybrid cloud data platform, Virtual Storage Platform One

The main highlight of this release is the addition of block storage, which is a data storage technique where data is divided into blocks for easier and more efficient retrieval. According to Hitachi Vantara, using block storage can also eliminate complexity, improve data protection, and reduce carbon emissions. 

Another theme of this release is data protection. The platform now includes Hitachi Thin Image Advance (TIA) snapshot software, which will help with data confidentiality, compliance, and protection by creating copies of data that can be used in decision making, software development, or data protection operations.

According to the company, TIA can help reduce disk space by up to 90% by only storing data blocks that have had changes. 

To help reduce energy consumption, the platform also now offers the ability to switch into eco-mode when activity is low. Additionally, “always on compression” allows it to switch from inline data reduction to post processing, which can lower carbon emissions by up to 40%. 

According to research from Hitachi, the amount of data companies use is expected to double between 2023 and 2025, which is causing many companies to rethink how they build their data architectures. At the same time, companies are thinking of ways they can continue to use data effectively without significantly increasing their carbon footprint, which is why many of the features in this release address energy efficiency. 

“With the continued expansion of our Virtual Storage Platform One portfolio, we’re helping businesses to elevate their applications like never before,” said Octavian Tanase, chief product officer at Hitachi Vantara. “Our Virtual Storage Platform One Block appliance is powerful and dense, delivering the data processing and reliability that mid-sized businesses need while minimizing rack space and reducing power and cooling costs for a more sustainable data center environment. This new offering reaffirms our commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions and sets a new standard for storage performance.”