Cribl, which is a data management platform for IT teams, has announced a new AI copilot to further help customers manage growing amounts of data. 

Cribl Copilot can generate insights, dashboards, and notifications from the company’s data, as well as answer questions about that data.

According to the company, the goal of this new AI copilot is to help reduce the learning curve for working with — and getting insights from — IT data.

“There is a fundamental tension between the rate of data growth and the limited resources used to manage that data, leaving IT and security teams without the tools, time, or expertise to effectively configure and maintain new systems,” said the company’s co-founder and CEO Clint Sharp. “We’re closing the skills gap in managing data at scale, giving IT and security teams the control they need. This means they can optimize data strategies and boost productivity like never before.” 

The copilot is integrated across the company’s full portfolio of products, including Cribl Stream, Cribl Search, Cribl Lake, and more.

Bob Laliberte, principal analyst at theCUBE Research, added: “Organizations need to be able to efficiently scale resources and data expertise to keep pace with the increasingly complex, distributed IT and application environments that span clouds, on-premises data centers, and edge locations. Utilizing AI-augmented solutions that accelerate the time to value and alleviate an ever-increasing skills gap will be critical to optimize, mitigate unexpected cost overruns, and ultimately streamline data management at scale.”

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