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CrowdStrike Falcon Go update stops ransomware attacks and prevents data breaches

CrowdStrike unveiled a significant update for CrowdStrike Falcon Go, aimed at providing enhanced cybersecurity protection for small and medium businesses (SMBs). This release is designed to effectively combat ransomware attacks and prevent data breaches, offering improved security measures for organizations in this size category. “Cyberattacks and ransomware should be words that no SMB should ever … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Pixie

Pixie is an open-source observability tool for Kubernetes applications. Pixie uses eBPF to automatically capture telemetry data without manual instrumentation. Users can swiftly access metrics, events, traces, and logs without code modification through dynamic eBPF probes and ingestors. The system enables easy integration without requiring changes to the existing codebase, allowing users to delve into … continue reading

Frontegg launches Frontegg Forward for secure customer digital identity management

Frontegg, the provider of a customer identity and access management (CIAM) platform for modern SaaS apps, has unveiled Frontegg Forward, a platform expansion that revolutionizes how SaaS companies handle customer identity and user management.  This expansion brings four key innovations to the forefront. Firstly, it provides an out-of-the-box solution for managing intricate hierarchies and organizational … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Tetragon

Tetragon is a security tool for Kubernetes that uses eBPF to apply policies and filters, reducing observation overhead, enabling process tracking, and enforcing policies in real-time. Developed by the creators of Cilium and eBPF, Tetragon offers real-time security observability and enforcement using eBPF. It can detect and respond to important security events, including process execution, … continue reading

Kyndryl launches experience management as a service offering

Kyndryl has introduced Kyndryl Experience Management as a Service. This offering provides a comprehensive digital workplace solution to assist customers in planning, implementing, and achieving tangible business results from their technology services.  It combines design collaboration from Kyndryl Vital, expertise from Kyndryl Consult, and AIOps and automation from Kyndryl Bridge to offer a seamless approach … continue reading

AWS launches separate cloud for EU customers to help with data sovereignty

AWS is launching a new solution aimed at companies operating in the European Union (EU). The new AWS European Sovereign Cloud is separated from the existing AWS Regions in the area and includes more options for deployment. The company launched this new cloud in an effort to help companies meet “data residency, operational autonomy, and … continue reading

Alluxio launches new data platform for AI

Alluxio has launched Alluxio Enterprise AI, a high-performance data platform tailored to meet the growing needs of AI/ML workloads within enterprise data systems.  This new platform combines performance, data accessibility, scalability, and cost-efficiency to support advanced data-intensive applications such as generative AI, computer vision, natural language processing, large language models, and high-performance data analytics in … continue reading

Nutanix ransomware updates increase visibility of data

Nutanix has introduced new features in its Nutanix Cloud Platform to enhance cyber resilience against ransomware attacks on unstructured data.  These features, available in Nutanix Data Lens and Nutanix Unified Storage solutions, enable organizations to swiftly detect threats, defend against further damage, and initiate a 1-click recovery process within just 20 minutes of exposure. This … continue reading

GPUs Are Fast, I/O is Your Bottleneck

Unless you’ve been living off the grid, the hype around Generative AI has been impossible to ignore. A critical component fueling this AI revolution is the underlying computing power, GPUs. The lightning-fast GPUs enable speedy model training. But a hidden bottleneck can severely limit their potential – I/O. If data can’t make its way to … continue reading

DigitalOcean launches managed Kafka offering

DigitalOcean has introduced DigitalOcean Managed Kafka, a fully managed data streaming platform for Apache Kafka.  This service aims to assist small and medium-sized businesses in various industries, such as video streaming, IoT, data analytics, gaming, and eCommerce, by providing real-time data stream access and processing without the need for complex Kafka administration. “While Kafka is … continue reading

Komprise introduces storage insights to unify data and storage management

Komprise has announced the release of Storage Insights, a solution that provides unstructured data management. It offers a unified and consistent view of data usage and storage consumption across various vendors and cloud platforms.  This eliminates the need for dealing with multiple consoles and differing storage consumption definitions. The motivation behind this release is the … continue reading

Upbound launches Spaces to help companies manage their control planes

Upbound, the company known for the Crossplane open-source project, has introduced “Spaces,” a new feature allowing platform teams to deploy managed control planes in self-managed environments.  Upbound’s managed control planes offer improved scalability, declarative APIs, and Git integration, catering to a range of self-managed needs, including air-gapped and private cloud environments. These control planes help … continue reading

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