Clusterpedia is an encyclopedia of Kubernetes clusters that can help users synchronize, search for, and control multi-cluster resources. The inspiration behind its name is Wikipedia, according to the developers behind the project on GitHub. 

It is a CNCF sandbox project that includes support for complex searches, filters, sorting, paging, and more. Clusterpedia also offers support for requesting relevant resources when users submit a query. 

The architecture consists of four parts: Clusterpedia APIServer, ClusterSynchro Manager used to synchronize cluster resources, the storage layer, and storage component. 

In addition, Clusterpedia will use the Custom Resource – PediaCluster to implement cluster authentication and configure resources for synchronization.

The most current version, 0.4.0 provides an easier way to interface to multi-cloud platforms. Users can create or join clusters in the multi-cloud platform and then use Clusterpedia to retrieve the resources within those clusters directly. 

Clusterpedia is compatible with Kubernetes OpenAPI and it can leverage tools such as kubectl or client-go to find multi-cluster resources. It can be deployed either as a standalone platform or integrated with Cluster API, Karmada, Clusternet and other multi-cloud platforms.