Application networking company today is releasing Gloo AI Gateway, designed to accelerate AI innovation.

“AI Gateway is the most significant new trend in the API management and API gateway space,” said Idit Levine, CEO and founder of, in the announcement. “As customers continue to adopt AI, we’re providing the ability to leverage Gloo AI Gateway to handle this additional new set of use cases in addition to their existing API management needs… providing guardrails to ensure long-term success.”

The foundation for the AI Gateway is the work done with Gloo Gateway, an API gateway that enables secure application traffic at the edge. AI Gateway, the company said, brings “the same speed, security and scalability to modern AI applications.”

According to the company, Gloo AI Gateway eliminates friction in development and cuts out errors in applications using LLM APIs, as well as offering security and control for applications, models and data. Further, it supports scalable AI connectivity by leveraging AI integration patterns for augmenting and integrating data.

Among the use cases for Gloo AI Gateway are multi-LLM provider support, API key management, LLM consumption control and visibility, and retrieval augmented generation (RAG) for accurate and relevant LLM responses.

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