Password manager Bitwarden has announced it is beginning to integrate its Secrets Manager into Kubernetes workflows. This functionality is currently in public beta and will enable DevOps teams to securely manage secrets like API keys, passwords, and tokens across their Kubernetes environment.

The integration is done via an operator that is deployed by the Helm package manager. The operator allows for secure and automated synchronization of secrets between Bitwarden and Kubernetes clusters. 

According to Bitwarden, there are several challenges associated with managing Kubernetes secrets natively, such as inadequate access controls, a lack of native auditing capabilities, and difficulty rotating and revoking secrets. It can also be hard to integrate with external secrets management systems. 

This new integration addresses these challenges by offering centralized access controls, streamlined secrets management, auditing and version control, and secret rotation and revocation. 

“The Kubernetes integration for Bitwarden Secrets Manager ensures that secrets remain synchronized, encrypted, and protected against unauthorized access and other vulnerabilities throughout the software development lifecycle,” Bitwarden wrote in a press release

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