Service management provider InvGate today announced further no-code capabilities in its Workflows 2 solution to enable non-technical workers to build and manage workflows and service management processes.

Workflows 2 employs templates and drag-and-drop functionality to enable users to start more quickly, and not have a long learning curve, to “modernize legacy processes with automation,” the company wrote in its announcement.

“We see an increasing demand from organizations to its IT departments to lead their automation efforts, asking them for solutions to automate their repetitive or complex processes,” Ariel Gesto, CEO at InvGate, said in a statement. “With this new major release, InvGate Service Desk revolutionizes what previously was perceived as a costly and consultant dependent task and provides the tool to create transformative change in an organization in record time.”  

InvGate noted that its Service Desk can reduce manual work, such as when onboarding a new employee. In that scenario, “HR and IT teams receive automated notifications and tasks to ensure training is scheduled, paperwork is prepared, and log-in and equipment requests are fulfilled on time,” the company said. 

InvGate Service Desk Workflows 2 are available to all Pro and Enterprise InvGate Service Desk clients.

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