The IT service management company InvGate is trying to use AI to reduce IT professional stress and burnout.

It is releasing InvGate AI Hub, which is a set of generative AI tools that are designed to lower IT teams’ workloads by simplifying complex tasks. 

For example, it can speed up the creation of knowledge bases by drafting up articles from incident resolution, or generate ticket summaries to make it easier to review the full interaction history with a user. 

It also uses AI to iterate on and improve replies to tickets, which has resulted in a 28% reduction in the time it takes to respond to tickets and ensures consistency from support staff. 

Another useful feature is a keyword generator that helps improve classification of tickets by accurately tagging them with the right keywords. This helps optimize ticket routing and avoids IT support staff from having to waste time redirecting tickets to the right people. 

In the future, the company plans to improve its Microsoft Teams virtual agent, upgrade its preventive and proactive support capabilities, and add new AI capabilities such as natural language search, smart alerts, and auto-healing. 

“Our aim in integrating AI is to empower IT operations teams to concentrate on innovation and crucial tasks, rather than spending time working on repetitive tasks that can be automated,” said Ariel Gesto, CEO and founder of InvGate. “We’re excited to unveil the first of many AI features, designed to save time and effort for InvGate’s customers. Our goal, as always, is to build solutions that help IT teams enable every other team in the company. And AI can greatly help with that, giving time back to IT teams to focus on high-value projects.”