Age is an open-source file encryption tool that reached its v1.0.0 release a few days ago. 

Its first beta was released in early 2020 and v.1.0.0 is considered to be its first stable release. 

It uses small explicit keys, doesn’t have configuration options, and has UNIX-style composability.

According to the project’s design document, the goals of Age are:

  • To provide a simple CLI that works well as a backend for other programs
  • To have small copy-pasteable keys
  • Support for public and private key pairs and passwords
  • To have the option to encrypt SSH keys
  • “Have one joint and keep it well oiled,” meaning no configuration is needed
  • Have a good seekable streaming encryption scheme

Future capabilities planned according to the design document include a password-store backend, YubiKey PIV support, support for a Pond-style shared secret PAKE server, and a tool to mount encrypted files or archives.