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ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Age

Age is an open-source file encryption tool that reached its v1.0.0 release a few days ago.  Its first beta was released in early 2020 and v.1.0.0 is considered to be its first stable release.  It uses small explicit keys, doesn’t have configuration options, and has UNIX-style composability. According to the project’s design document, the goals … continue reading

McAfee MVISION now supports encryption enhancements in Microsoft Teams

McAfee MVISION Cloud now supports encryption enhancements in Microsoft Teams, including encrypted webhooks and encrypted payloads. While utilizing Teams as a collaboration platform, users can participate in conversations, and calls, as well as upload and share documents while ensuring customer data remains secure with encryption when evaluated by McAfee MVISION Cloud.  “Effective collaboration allows organizations … continue reading

Stateless: Microservice network functions are the next step for encryption everywhere

Encryption everywhere requires an increase in multi-tenancy and scalability, and according to software defined interconnect provider Stateless, the move forward is to split that complexity into microservices. “One of the main challenges with security is its complexity. The more complex the system, the more it’s prone to security issues, because it’s prone to errors and … continue reading Protection Status

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