Wind River has just announced the latest version of Wind River Studio, which is a platform for developing and deploying to edge systems. 

The latest version focuses on improvements and automations that will enable communications services providers to take advantage of the benefits of 5G. 

The upgrade time in Wind River Studio Cloud Platform is now 50% faster, while the upgrade time for Kubernetes is 65% faster. The duration of upgrade campaigns has also been reduced as a result of centrally managed upgrade and update parallelization. 

This release also introduces new validation, audit, and oversight capabilities that will ensure that infrastructure is ready to accept deployments, updates, and upgrades. According to Wind River, this will help cut down on deployment and update failures.

And finally, the latest release introduces energy efficiency improvements, such as core power settings and new power metrics visualizations. 

“There is growing demand for support for increased speed, bandwidth, and ultra-low latency to process 5G-enabled services at the intelligent edge. Automation at scale is becoming a necessary reality for operators to meet these requirements effectively,” said Paul Miller, chief technology officer, Wind River. “To address customers’ intensifying needs around deployment and upgrade automation, our latest enhancements for Wind River Studio can dramatically reduce upgrade and maintenance times while creating new opportunities for parallel operations in an increasingly hands-off manner. Additionally, operators can better optimize their power usage to enjoy new energy efficiencies.”