As organizations continue to transform themselves with generative AI, cloud native and edge technologies, SUSE today announced new enhancements and innovations to its offerings.

Among them are the release of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 Service Pack 6, which the company said future-proofs IT workloads with a new Long Term Service Pack Support Core that now ends in 2037. The service pack has an updated 6.4 kernel version and includes OpenSSL 3.1 among its new libraries.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro 6.0, optimized for containerized and virtualized workloads, simplifies standalone container deployment while providing a stable platform for Kubernetes deployments, the company said. Further, the release adds support for full disk encryption to secure data in and out of the data center. The lightweight, immutable open-source host OS can run anywhere, so there are no geographical or operational constraints.

SUSE Manager 5.0 now includes “remote attestation capabilities for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP6,” ensuring that customers “can prove their remote environments are running in a Confidential Computing environment for enhanced compliance,” the company wrote in its announcement. SUSE Manager 5.0 supports 16 different Linux distros, the company said, and delivers patch and compliance management for any Linux from one console.

Finally, for SAP customers, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications 15 SP6 provides customers with access to the latest innovations from the SUSE-created open-source web application Trento. This can triage common config mistakes and validate systems against SUSE’s best practices to offer better protection of SAP infrastructures.

Enterprise container management

SUSE announced that Rancher Prime 3.1 adds observability through its recent acquisition of StackState, and enhances AI support with virtual cluster provisioning and optimizes resource costs such as GPUs. Also, KubeFlow is now included in Rancher Prime’s Application Collection for Kubernetes.

NeuVector Prime 5.4 now can embed scan results into Rancher Prime resources and introduces a compliance reporting framework. It also offers protections against DDoS network attacks.

Edge computing

SUSE Edge 3.0, optimized for resource-constrained remote locations with intermittent internet connectivity, pulls together Rancher Prime Kubernetes management, NeuVector Prime container security, and an integrated cloud native stack, “providing full life cycle management of edge devices at scale,” the company wrote in its announcement.

The updated SUSE Adaptive Telco Infrastructure Platform 3.0, with a commercial implementation of Project Sylva, enables communications service providers to lower their energy consumption. The release also includes a new Edge Image Builder to create clusters in remote locations.

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