has announced the general availability of Gloo Network for Cilium, a new offering that allows for network management using Cilium, which is an eBPF platform for networking, security, and observability.  

The company hopes that its new offering will help accelerate adoption of Cilium, which graduated from the CNCF last fall and is already in use at several established brands such as Adobe, Bloomberg, Capital One, S&P Global, and The New York Times.

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It includes all of the features from upstream Cilium, as well as additional benefits like a 24×7 SLA, multi-cluster observability, multi-cluster management pane, integration with Istio, and more. Additionally, Gloo Network for Cilium integrates with’s service mesh platform Gloo Mesh Core.

According to the company, these features and capabilities take away the complexity and challenges of adopting Cilium by reducing network setup, management time, and resources, as well as speeding up issue resolution time. 

“Cilium is helping reshape the future of cloud native networking thanks to its innovative  capabilities and vibrant ecosystem. But deploying upstream Cilium has proven to be a complex endeavor for organizations,” said Idit Levine, CEO and Founder of “With Gloo Network for Cilium, we’re enabling organizations to maximize their cloud networking potential by removing the complexity and providing access to our world-class support team to ensure their ongoing success. Gloo Network for Cilium is an ideal starting point for those considering Cilium for application networking and provides them with options as their company’s needs evolve.”