Cisco announced the intent to acquire Isovalent, which provides open-source software and enterprise solutions solving networking, security, and observability needs for modern cloud native infrastructure.

Isolavent created Cilium, an eBPF-based networking tool, and contributed it to the CNCF. Through that contribution and collaborations with the community, Isovalent has advanced the project to the status of a graduated CNCF project, joining the ranks of Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Envoy. 

“As we celebrate this major milestone for the team, we want to look back, but also look forward to see the exciting future ahead for Isovalent and Cisco,” Thomas Graf, co-founder and CTO at Isovalent wrote in a blog post.

In the initial discussions with Cisco about a potential acquisition, the implications for Cilium, Tetragon, and other projects were immediately evident, Graf explained. Cisco demonstrated a clear commitment to doubling down on these products and Isovalent’s open-source strategy. Recognizing the increasing significance of open source in standardizing technology, Cisco’s vision aligned with the company’s mission. 

Alongside the development of Cilium and Tetragon, Isovalent also offers Isovalent Enterprise, a leading enterprise distribution of these technologies. 

“As we join Cisco, we are excited to continue developing and enhancing Isovalent Enterprise and working with all of you,” Graf said. “As we learned more about Cisco’s strategy and plan, we got more and more excited about the joint vision of continuing to build out our amazing team around eBPF, Cilium, and our open source projects while also accelerating the product side and bringing cloud native excellence to customers with products they love. We are excited about this shared vision and what is ahead for Cilium and Tetragon, and we look forward to continuing our eBPF journey as part of Cisco to bring our technology and products to an even larger customer base.”