Open Infrastructure Foundation logo

The OpenStack Foundation has announced that it is changing its name to Open Infrastructure Foundation (OIF) starting in 2021. 

According to the foundation, this name change reflects the organization’s broad commitment to driving innovations in open source that are needed in order to shape the future of infrastructure software. 

The OIF’s goal will be to build an open infrastructure for the next decade by solving infrastructure issues that are created by continuing demands in new markets. These demands are being created by use cases like containers, AI, machine learning, 5G, network function virtualization, and edge computing. The OIF will continue building a community that addresses these infrastructure markets.

“When the OIF formed to govern the OpenStack project in 2012, clouds mainly offered virtual machines in a datacenter. The Foundation evolved as datacenter composition evolved into a mix of bare metal, VMs, and containers. While the OpenStack project is seen as the de facto open source platform for operating cloud infrastructure around the world, the Foundation realized more technology is needed to meet all of the diverse use cases, and we want to make sure it’s developed in the open, using the same proven approach to open source,” the OIF wrote on its website

Projects hosted by OIF include OpenStack, Airship, Kata Containers, OpenInfra Labs, StarlingX, and Zuul.