StarlingX, the platform that builds out infrastructure from the core to the edge by providing a scalable foundation with OpenStack, has reached its R6.0 release.

The platform can be used to build out an organization’s central cloud and can be installed on the edge to manage a smaller pool of resources. In addition, the platform also delivers Kubernetes for container orchestration.

One of the core components of the platform is the Linux kernel and the community decided to move over to Debian in an incremental process. In the 6.0 release, this means to upgrade to the 5.10 version of the kernel. This version contains enhancements in the networking space such as by providing the user space to tooling to configure the routing and forwarding interfaces. 

Starting from the 6.0 release, users can now migrate the deployment to a duplex configuration which includes two controller nodes. The process to move from one subcloud deployment to the other now does not require a fresh installation.

The StarlingX community is also preparing the platform to be able to handle disaster recovery scenarios and users can now move subclouds between Distributed Cloud systems while restoring the System Controller.

The 6.0 version of StarlingX supports the local installation of subclouds, when the servers at the site support Redfish. Users will need to ‘prestage’ these servers with a valid installation bundle in order to be able utilize this feature.

Another enhancement in the area of security to highlight is the support of ‘auditd’. The Linux Auditing System helps system administrators track security violation events based on preconfigured audit rules.

Additional details on new features and enhancements in the new version are available here.