NS1 is providing IT teams with more information into their application traffic with the release of Traffic Analysis Dashboards within Pulsar Active Traffic Steering. 

The dashboards give metrics on availability, latency, and traffic distribution. This makes it easier for teams to monitor and optimize their application delivery and performance. 

According to NS1, latencies in performance-driven industries like video, streaming, and online gaming can have a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. But delivering fast and consistent experiences from highly distributed infrastructures can pose challenges, and companies need to have constant visibility into that infrastructure. 

Pulsar Active Traffic Steering collects real user monitoring data and then uses analytics to dynamically and automatically steer traffic over DNS or through HTTP decision endpoints. The dashboard provides insight into what actions Pulsar has taken, providing increased observability and control and allowing administrators to fine tune their traffic steering policies. 

“Internet and network conditions can change constantly and unpredictably, which makes it difficult to deliver consistent, superior user experiences,” said Sanjay Ramnath, vice president of products at NS1. “Pulsar solves this challenge by acting on real-time data to optimize for performance and cost at scale. Pulsar’s decisions are now displayed along with deep insights in traffic analysis dashboards, improving visibility into network conditions and making Pulsar data more actionable.”