ManageEngine has incorporated its AI assistant Zia into its IT analytics solution, Analytics Plus. Zia interprets questions asked via text or voice and generates visualizations and offers smart suggests based on search keywords.

According to ManageEngine, users will be able to train Zia to understand terms specific to their organization.

“IT managers need access to instant insights that they can continue to refine and drill down into, without relying on database administrators. Zia makes it possible for non-technical users to analyze data without having to write SQL queries or programs, saving precious time that can be used to focus on improving the quality of IT services offered,” said Rakesh Jayaprakash, product manager at ManageEngine. “In the future, we look forward to expanding the analytical capabilities of Zia to perform seamless data blending and provide automated insights.”

IEEE updates International Roadmap for Devices and Systems
IEEE has updated its International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS). According to IEEE, IRDS identifies industry trends to define system requirements. It includes requirements for mobile, IoT, communications networks, automotive, and computing.

In this updated version, the IRDS offers information on cryogenic electronics and quantum information processing. It also includes updated application benchmarks.

Quest Software announces new versions of KACE SMA and SDA
Quest Software has announced new versions of its endpoint systems management (KACE SMA) and deployment (KACE SDA) solutions. KACE SMA 9.1 includes updates to the Service Desk and platform infrastructure, as well as adding support for Azure. KACE SDA 7.0 adds support for Linux, broadening the scope of its endpoint management capabilities.

“We are always looking to improve and evolve KACE solutions to meet the needs of our customers as technology continues to change and organizations have to address new endpoint challenges,” said Ken Galvin, senior product manager at Quest Software. “IT departments struggle with managing and securing all devices connected to the network, and just can’t afford to spend time with issues around one-off systems imaging. KACE SDA and SMA address these challenges by arming teams with the solutions necessary to address every organization’s growing endpoint needs.”