JumpCloud has announced that it is releasing a Windows app. JumpCloud is a directory-as-a-service that enables identity management from employee devices. Previously JumpCloud only had an app for macOS. According to the company, this new app will help streamline credential management workflows and establishes employee workstations as trusted devices. 

It offers the same capabilities as the other app, including System Insights, configuration policies, full disk encryption, multi-factor authentication, and user account management. In addition, the Windows app will allow employees to interact with their JumpCloud identity, access their User Portal securely to access applications via SSO, and update their corporate passwords. 

“The one place an employee should trust to manage their credentials is within their device, not over the open internet and not exclusively by an email reminder,” said Greg Keller, CTO at JumpCloud. “JumpCloud’s security policies, MFA, and our Windows and macOS apps provide the assurance that IT and security teams need for the most secure means to protect their employees.”

MontyCloud releases DAY2 

DAY2 allows IT teams to build, deploy, and run infrastructure and operations-ready cloud applications and services.

Specific capabilities include the ability to provision cloud accounts, resources, and services on AWS; get continuous visibility into server and serverless resources; automate management and compliance of server workloads; deploy well-architected application patterns; and bootstrap current IT teams for intelligent cloud Ops. 

“With DAY2 enterprise IT teams can quickly deliver intelligent cloud operations, accelerate innovation and reduce operations costs,” said Venkat Krishnamachari, CEO of MontyCloud Inc. “Our investments in a cloud native, event-driven platform helps our customers to gain full control all the way from the cloud infrastructure, to applications and operational aspects. Coupled with no-code automations in business context, DAY2 helps customers accelerate successful cloud transformations.”

AWS Glue 2.0 is now available 

AWS Glue is an ETL service for preparing data for analysis. The latest version features 10x faster Spark ETL start times, more predictable startup delays, and less overhead. The billing for AWS Glue has also been changed. Previously there was a 10-minute minimum billing duration, and that has been decreased to a 1-minute minimum.