ServiceNow has unveiled its first platform release for 2024, the Now Platform Washington, D.C. edition, aimed at propelling enterprise transformation through enhanced, more intelligent, and simpler experiences. 

The focus of the Washington, D.C. release is on improving efficiency, satisfaction, and productivity by introducing new tools that refine crucial interactions, supporting businesses in keeping pace with the dynamic needs of customers and employees.

“As workplace technology advances faster and faster, it’s never been more challenging to be a business leader. That’s why ServiceNow has built an end-to-end platform that seamlessly weaves intelligence into the core fabric of what our customers do every day to streamline processes and drive real impact for their business,” said CJ Desai, president and chief operating officer at ServiceNow. “The Now Platform Washington, D.C. release delivers innovations that meet organizations’ growing needs for smarter, streamlined, more connected experiences at scale, all from the intelligent platform for business transformation.”

An addition to the platform is the Sales and Order Management (SOM) system, which integrates the sales and order lifecycles to enhance revenue generation across an organization’s front, middle, and back-office teams. This integration allows for efficient management of sales opportunities, quotes, and order fulfillment within a unified ServiceNow environment. 

ServiceNow has also introduced Platform Analytics to provide a secure, simplified, and cohesive reporting and analytics experience across its entire platform. This feature allows users to effortlessly create data visualizations and dashboards by amalgamating various data sources into a coherent and accessible format. It supports quicker and more informed decision-making by making meaningful, personalized, and timely information readily available within Next Experience workspaces. Additionally, it integrates with Workflow Studio, which is also a new feature of this release, enabling users to craft condition-based workflow triggers directly from analytics insights, bridging the gap between insight and action efficiently.

The company also added new AIOps capabilities to the Service Operations Workspace, including Express List, which surfaces historical alert trends and root cause analysis; and alert automation, which provides contexts for alerts. 

And finally, the Washington, D.C. release also introduces Security Posture Control (SPC), which informs teams where they have gaps in their security tool coverage, identifies high-risk assets, and automates response workflows.