Cybersecurity services provider Bitdefender today announced it is offering two tiers of managed detection and response services — MDR and MDR Plus.

Bitdefender MDR services, which are managed using the company’s GravityZone Platform, provide continuous threat monitoring, detection and response, threat hunting, analyst-led recommendations, and security consulting, according to the company. In the announcement, the company noted that the GravityZone security and risk analytics platform provides advanced endpoint protection, including endpoint detection and response (EDR), extended detection and response (XDR) and cloud security, which includes GravityZone CSPM+, a solution combining Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM).

The MDR services are delivered from the company’s security operation centers (SOCs) located in North America, Europe and Asia, interconnected to share real-time threat intelligence from hundreds of millions of sensors collecting threat data from around the world.

Bitdefender MDR’s capabilities include complete 24×7 security coverage; effective threat hunting and real-time dashboards that provide insights into an environment’s security posture; and reporting on the service, incidents and potential impact on the business.

MDR PLUS adds security baselining and threat monitoring tailored to a company’s size, industry, geography and more; as well as employing multiple sources of intelligence such as global law enforcement agencies to analyze. Finally, MDR PLUS offers threat monitoring and protection from the dark web with a Cyber Intelligence Fusion Cell group monitoring areas of the dark web where threat actors sell stolen data and IP.

“The growing attack surface spanning networks, applications, cloud, and supply chains, poses extreme challenges for internal security teams who often lack needed technology and personal resources to keep up and effectively implement layered defense strategies,” Andrei Florescu, president and general manager of Bitdefender Business Solutions Group, said in the company’s announcement. “Bitdefender MDR Services eliminates that complexity through an ‘always-on’ service that integrates our industry-leading native endpoint protection technologies and global threat intelligence, with eyes-on-glass monitoring from elite security analysts to stops attacks fast.”

According to the company, Bitdefender MDR Services are available now and offer a ‘proof-of-concept’ program allowing customers to try the service for 30 days (with no restrictions) before purchasing. For more information visit