Earlier this month, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) announced that the Argo project had seen 115% year-over-year growth, according to the results of its annual survey. 

In addition to this growth, the CNCF explained that Argo is one of the highest velocity projects in the organization. 

Argo provides a set of tools for running workflows, managing clusters, and practicing GitOps in Kubernetes.  

There are a number of tools within the project itself, including: 

  • Argo Workflows, a workflow engine for orchestrating Kubernetes jobs
  • Argo CD, a continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes
  • Argo Rollouts, a tool for deploying Kubernetes through release strategies like Canary or Blue-Green
  • Argo Events, an event-based dependency management tool

The project has been adopted at major companies such as Adobe, Nvidia, Tesla, Google, Red Hat, WordPress, Ticketmaster, and more. 

“In line with our initial hopes (as the project’s co-creators), Argo has become the cornerstone in Kubernetes journey and makes the cloud-native experience simpler, faster, and safer,” said Hong Wang, CEO of Akuity, one of the contributors to Argo. “Watching the community’s engagement and being a part of intensive open-source development work, it is heart-warming to see the figures in CNCF’s 2021 survey. Together with the massive adoption of Argo from Intuit, BlackRock, Adobe, and many other Fortune 500 companies, we see that the Argo Project has become a production-ready product. As a company building this open-source project from the get-go, we are delighted to see thousands of professionals trusting Argo in their production environments.”