Canonical has joined the RISC-V Software Ecosystem (RISE) to contribute to the development of open-source software for RISC-V, which is an instruction set architecture specification. This move aligns with Canonical’s mission to empower developers and businesses with open source solutions for efficient application building, deployment, and scaling, according to the company in a post

The RISE Project is made up of several companies that are working together to improve the adoption of the RISC-V architecture.

RISE is hosted by the Linux Foundation Europe, and its board includes Andes, Google, Intel, Imagination Technologies, MediaTek, NVIDIA, Qualcomm Technologies, Red Hat, Rivos, Samsung, SiFive, T-Head, and Ventana. 

“Canonical has been a Linux distribution pioneer in providing official RISC-V support and our efforts have enabled RISC-V developers with seamless access to the latest open source technologies. We are thrilled to join RISE and collaborate with global industry leaders on open source availability on RISC-V“, said Gordan Markuš, the director of Silicon Alliances at Canonical, “As a member of RISE, Canonical will actively engage in collaborative projects, share its knowledge and resources, and work towards optimizing Ubuntu and open source technologies, for RISC-V. The collaboration with RISE members will bring new opportunities to developers and enterprises looking to leverage the benefits of RISC-V hardware and open-source software solutions.” 

Amber Huffman, governing board chair of RISE, added: “Canonical’s decision to join RISE is a testament to the growing importance and opportunity of RISC-V. We look forward to leveraging Canonical’s expertise and knowledge in Linux and open-source technologies to further drive innovation and collaboration throughout the RISC-V ecosystem in collaboration with RISE members.”