Topic: risc v

Canonical joins RISC-V Software Ecosystem

Canonical has joined the RISC-V Software Ecosystem (RISE) to contribute to the development of open-source software for RISC-V, which is an instruction set architecture specification. This move aligns with Canonical’s mission to empower developers and businesses with open source solutions for efficient application building, deployment, and scaling, according to the company in a post.  The … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: RISE

The Linux Foundation Europe recently announced the RISC-V Software Ecosystem (RISE) Project. RISE will bring together leaders from across the industry to drive the development and adoption of processors that use the RISC-V architecture.  “It’s an exciting time to be part of the RISC-V community, with continued popularity of the platform as well as strong … continue reading Protection Status

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