Nutanix wants to ease the burden for IT teams who are now working from home. The company announced new remote IT solutions for deploying, upgrading and troubleshooting cloud infrastructure from anywhere. 

The new solutions will be delivered through Nutanix HCI software at no additional cost, and will include Nutanix Foundation Central, Insights and Lifecycle Manager.

“These new capabilities will offer an even more seamless experience from day one and beyond — from anywhere. Nutanix’s simplified management as well as a more secure and resilient IT infrastructure, whether from home or a remote location, is something that is now more important than ever,” said Greg Smith, vice president of technical and product marketing at Nutanix. 

Nutanix Foundation Central will enable teams to deploy private cloud infrastructure at global scale from any location. It will feature the ability to automate and centralize infrastructure software deployments and enable organizations to scale existing capacity. 

Nutanix Insights features predictive health and automated support services. This includes analyzing telemetry from cloud deployments and identifying any ongoing or potential issues.  Other features include recommendations to optimize health and performance of infrastructure, and ability to automatically open a support ticket with Nutanix. 

The Nutanix Lifecycle Manager aims to tackle IT infrastructure upgrades. It will provide one-click upgrades without any app or infrastructure downtime, the company explained. It looks to see if there are any software and firmware dependencies, prioritizes updates, and orchestrates the entire upgrade process. 

More information is available here