Tracking costs in hybrid infrastructure in increasingly difficult, and without the metrics to understand which resources within your cloud and on-premises are over- or underutilized, those costs can spiral out of control.

Infrastructure observability provider LogicMonitor today announced LM Cost Optimization within its Envision platform, to give actionable insights that enable cost efficiencies for cloud operations and platform engineering teams.

The new capabilities LogicMonitor announced are designed to help organizations manage costs as their infrastructures change and evolve, which can reduce or eliminate the number of tools those organizations use to try to get a handle on their infrastructure spend.

The important features in the release include providing a single view of cloud costs and resource changes, including for use of multiple clouds, that can make billing more predictable; and AI-powered suggestions for handling capacity and resources to cut costs and align resources with business goals.

In a March report on cloud cost management and optimization, Forrester analyst Tracy Woo wrote: “Rising cloud spend colliding with a down economy has raised visibility all the way to the executive and board level. Cloud leaders lean on these tools to help justify spend, forecast and budget current and future spend, optimize and identify waste, automate easy tasks, enforce good tagging hygiene, and better link usage to achieving business targets.”

For more information, visit the company’s blog.