The security company Lacework has announced the addition of new capabilities to its platform to help IT and security teams more easily secure their cloud environments. 

The first new addition is Lacework Explorer, which is designed to provide better visibility into potential threats. It provides a visualization of the relationships between cloud resources, which helps IT teams better understand how an attacker could exploit a vulnerability and gain access to those resources. For instance, it could show how an attacker might move laterally across hosts, containers, and Kubernetes services. 

Next, it added new security dashboards that show information on how cloud security programs are performing, down to the individual business unit. This information is helpful because it allows teams to quickly demonstrate progress, see the return on their investment, and identify other areas for improvement, the company explained.

Lacework also added context panels, which allow security teams to view related entities when there is an alert. According to the company, this can significantly cut down investigation time. 

And finally, it added composite alerts to Kubernetes. Composite alerts detect malicious activity that might be hard to discover by combining different low severity alerts with indicators of compromise to create more accurate signals. 

“The life of most security professionals is a constant struggle between proactively reducing risk, triaging potential security incidents and maintaining repeatable processes that are effective and time efficient,” said Niels Provos, head of security efficacy at Lacework. “Lacework has invested significantly into building a platform for end-to-end security workflows that reduce toil and enable security professionals at all levels of an organization to focus their work on improving security outcomes. Whether it’s enabling a CISO to efficiently delegate and hold other business units accountable or allowing incident responders to quickly identify the root cause for an incident, Lacework has built the end-to-end platform to make everyone more efficient.”

More information is available here.