Kyndryl and Cloudflare have announced an expansion of their partnership aimed at enabling enterprises to migrate and manage networks for multi-cloud connectivity and comprehensive network security. 

This partnership leverages Kyndryl’s consulting services and expertise in enterprise networking, security, and resiliency, alongside Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud that integrates security, performance, and cloud flexibility. 

Initially partnering in May 2023 to offer managed WAN-as-a-Service and Cloudflare Zero Trust to corporate networks, Kyndryl and Cloudflare are now extending their collaboration to innovate across technology stacks, aiming to design, build, manage, and modernize essential systems for their customers.

“Together with Cloudflare, we are enabling enterprises to migrate to next-generation networks and capitalize on advanced cloud features to achieve greater agility and innovation. We are thrilled to expand our relationship with Cloudflare, an industry leader in cloud networking and Zero Trust,” said Paul Savill, global practice leader of networking and edge compute at Kyndryl. “With Kyndryl’s expert managed and consulting services, we will be helping our joint customers secure, streamline, and simplify their IT infrastructure, all while reducing costs and improving operational efficiencies.”

Kyndryl and Cloudflare’s Global Strategic Alliance is designed to assist enterprises in improving their connectivity to multiple clouds and data centers while ensuring enhanced network security. 

It promises to guide customers in bolstering their network security, boosting the performance of critical business applications, and ensuring seamless access to business data. Additionally, it focuses on reducing the dependency on private network links and manual IT tasks by offering advanced global network capabilities conducive to flexible work environments. This is achieved through advising and aiding enterprises in managing their IT infrastructures. 

The alliance also extends its benefits to enhancing network security across offices and data centers by replacing traditional WANs with Cloudflare’s comprehensive enterprise cybersecurity solutions. 

A significant emphasis is also placed on sustainable networking practices; by leveraging Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud and Kyndryl’s expertise in technology stack migration, the partnership enables businesses to integrate environmental sustainability into their operations. 

Organizations that shift from traditional on-premises network hardware to Cloudflare’s cloud-based services are expected to see a substantial reduction in carbon emissions, marking a critical step towards achieving more sustainable and efficient networking solutions, the companies explained.