Spacedrive is an open-source cross-platform file explorer, powered by a virtual distributed file system written in Rust.

Spacedrive allows users to organize files from multiple devices in a single location. It merges the storage capacity and processing power of various devices, from cloud services to offline hard drives, into a personal distributed cloud that is both secure and intuitive to use.

Specifically designed for individuals who wish to maintain control over their digital footprint, Spacedrive offers a unique, no-cost file management experience.

The project uses Prisma on the front end, which gives users access to a powerful migration CLI in development along with the Prisma syntax for schemas. 

The application comes packaged with the Prisma query engine and code generation, and uses a Rust API. The migration runner, specifically designed for a desktop app context, is “impressively” lightweight, according to the maintainers.

The project also employs rspc, which enables it to define functions in Rust and invoke them on the TypeScript front end in a completely typesafe way. This approach ensures that no unwarranted bugs make it into the production phase.

The roadmap for the future of Spacedrive is available here