The newly created AIOps Exchange has just announced the release of its AIOps Manifesto. The AIOps Manifesto will provide best practices for deploying AIOps solutions.

The paper was co-authored by experts from the AIOps Exchange steering community. The authors are requesting feedback on the manifesto, as well as open debate on the topics discussed. They hope to have the document ratified at a future Exchange meeting.

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Items discussed in the AIOps Manifesto include:

  • The history of AIOps
  • Five distinct algorithm definitions
  • Six vendor solutions
  • Key market drivers for AIOps
  • A common definition of the AIOps workflow

“Gartner’s own definition of AIOps is still evolving, and the impact it can have on enterprise business strategy is a continuing conversation,” said Will Cappelli, a former research VP at Gartner and now CTO of Moogsoft. “Our goal with The AIOps Manifesto is to foster an open, honest exchange of ideas among end user organizations. By debating AIOps best practices, we hope all market stakeholders will benefit, especially IT Operations teams. All feedback to The AIOps Manifesto is welcome during this open comment period, after which we hope it will be officially adopted.”