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The undefined path to AIOps

A success path is often prescribed and can be seen as formulaic in a way. There are critical milestones to continue progression and an ultimate goal to achieve. But AI has upended how companies look at their technology goals and associated success paths. The ability to apply machine learning and AI models means that a … continue reading

BMC adds generative AI to its operations management platform

BMC, a provider of software solutions for the Autonomous Digital Enterprise, has introduced generative AI capabilities across its entire AI-driven service and operations management portfolio. This integration, known as BMC HelixGPT, connects and analyzes data from various sources within an organization to provide easy-to-understand, actionable insights that facilitate autonomous issue resolution, bridging the gap between … continue reading

New Relic adds AI-recommended alerts

New Relic has upgraded its AIOps capabilities by introducing recommended alerts. This feature utilizes AI to identify unusual patterns, detect areas in the technology stack that lack monitoring, and suggest new alerts to engineers. This enhancement enables swift detection of issues and simplifies the resolution of alert coverage gaps. “In an increasingly dynamic landscape, it’s … continue reading

Selector AI updates AIOps platform with new integrations, outlier detection, and more

The AIOps company Selector AI has announced a number of new capabilities in its summer release.  The platform now includes over 500 integrations in areas like network, infrastructure, cloud, and applications. Integrations include BGP/BMP, SNMP, CloudWatch, Stackdriver, Postgres, and NGINX.  The new release also added outlier detection to more easily identify devices and applications that … continue reading

BigPanda adds generative AI capabilities to Automated Incident Analysis

Incident intelligence and AIOps automation tool provider BigPanda announced the release of Generative AI for Automated Incident Analysis, a new capability that uses advanced AI to estimate incident impact, suggest likely root causes, and provide clear, natural language incident titles and summaries.  BigPanda Generative AI utilizes large language model (LLM) technology to promptly and consistently … continue reading

PagerDuty brings end-to-end IT automation with new AIOps offering

PagerDuty has announced that PagerDuty AIOps is now generally available, enabling its customers to have access to new automation capabilities that can be applied to their IT departments.  The new offering includes capabilities aimed at reducing the amount of time that IT teams are spending on managing multiple vendors and manual processes. These include things … continue reading

Report: 55% of teams agree that built-in monitoring is most important AIOps feature

The digital operations management company OpsRamp today released the findings from its study on the state of AIOps technology adoption and development. It was revealed that Built-in monitoring and native instrumentation is considered the most important feature by over half of respondents (55%).  Despite 70% of MSPs and 62% of enterprises having concerns about the … continue reading

PagerDuty Operations Cloud updates will allow teams to focus attention on innovation

PagerDuty announced new enhancements to PagerDuty Operations Cloud to to decrease noise, reduce toil, and automate manual work so that teams can focus on innovation.  “Businesses today need PagerDuty’s Operations Cloud – a single, integrated platform for action that improves productivity and efficiency, increases availability, and reduces incident duration while delivering intelligent automation to give … continue reading

Moogsoft updates user experience in latest release

AIOps company Moogsoft has updated its portfolio with new enhancements to its integration capabilities, user experience, and its ability to deliver actionable insights. The company now offers an Insights dashboard that provides a high-level view of incident management. It gathers information from historical data as well as business services trends. Moogsoft also built upon its … continue reading

Zenoss launches Cloud Developer Center

The AI-driven full-stack monitoring provider Zenoss announced the launch of its new public developer center. While the existing community focuses on crowdsourced development of extensions for the free Zenoss Community Edition product, the new developer center platform enables community development of tools for cloud-based IT monitoring and AIOps. The new edition enables Zenoss cloud customers … continue reading

AIOps is a story of higher dimensions

Could you ever imagine we’d better learn the lessons of a 19th Century English schoolmaster for managing modern digital infrastructures? In 1884, the English schoolmaster, theologian and priest Edwin Abbott published a work of scientific fantasy entitled Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions. Flatland is a satirical two-dimensional world occupied by geometric figures. The book … continue reading

Smart data: Accelerating the journey from data to insights

Today’s AIOps and observability solutions are applying increasing levels of intelligence to IT Ops data with the goal of generating actionable insights. However, sophisticated AI and ML can sometimes be no match for ‘bad data.’ It’s the age-old problem of garbage in/garbage out. Data can’t simply be taken at face value because it can lead … continue reading

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