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ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: MAAS

This week’s highlighted open-source project of the week is MAAS, which stands for metal-as-a-service.  Maintained by Canonical, MAAS allows companies to build their own data center from bare metal servers. Administrators can do self-service, remote installation of Windows, CentOS, ESXi, and Ubuntu on real servers. MAAS enables users to discover, commission, deploy, and dynamically reconfigure … continue reading

Canonical’s MicroK8s now support high availability clustering

Canonical has announced MicroK8s now supports autonomous high availability (HA) clustering. This gives production workloads in cloud and server deployments more resilience. According to Canonical, high availability is achieved once three or more nodes are clusters and the data store migrates automatically between nodes. Canonical hopes that the increased resilience of HA MicroK8s will benefit … continue reading

Canonical introduces Anbox Cloud for delivering mobile applications at scale

Canonical is working to make it easier for companies to distribute applications from the cloud with the release of a new platform called Anbox Cloud. Anbox Cloud can be used to containerize workloads by using Android as a guest operating system. According to Canonical, this platform will allow organizations to provide “mobile applications at scale, … continue reading

Canonical introduces high-availability clustering for MicroK8s

Canonical has announced that it will now provide high-availability clustering in MicroK8s. It also announced the integration of enterprise SQL databases in Charmed Kubernetes. “The rapid rise of enterprise and edge Kubernetes creates a challenge for corporate IT, with thousands of edge nodes running Kubernetes, and hundreds of cloud Kubernetes clusters,” said Stephan Fabel, director … continue reading

Ubuntu 19.10 released with Kubernetes at the edge and multi-cloud infrastructure

The latest version of the open-source Linux distribution Ubuntu is now available. Version 19.10 comes with a strong focus on Kubernetes and the edge. Canonical has added strict confinement to MicroK8s — is zero-ops Kubernetes solution. According to the company, this will provide enhanced edge computing capabilities and ensure isolation and secure Kubernetes environments. Users … continue reading

Canonical releases consolidated security, compliance, and support offering

In order to help customers keep costs down, Canonical has released a consolidated security, compliance and support offering for open-source infrastructure, Ubuntu Advantage (UA) for Infrastructure. “Aggregating Linux, Kubernetes, Docker, OpenStack, KVM, Ceph and SWIFT security update and support offerings into a single package enables businesses to evolve from traditional infrastructure to private cloud and … continue reading Protection Status

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