Canonical has announced MicroK8s now supports autonomous high availability (HA) clustering. This gives production workloads in cloud and server deployments more resilience.

According to Canonical, high availability is achieved once three or more nodes are clusters and the data store migrates automatically between nodes.

Canonical hopes that the increased resilience of HA MicroK8s will benefit Kubernetes clusters on edge nodes, including remote branch office racks, retail points of sale, cell towers, or cars. 

HA MicroK8s also helps to harden industrial IoT applications. It can be used for Industry 4.0 workloads such as AI inference or connectivity microservices like OPC-UA, MQTT, and Kafka.microk8s, canonical, kubernetes

“The autonomous HA MicroK8s delivers a zero-ops experience that is perfect for distributed micro clouds and busy administrators”, says Alex Chalkias, product manager at Canonical.