Easegress architecture diagram

Easegress, formerly known as EaseGateway, is an open-source traffic orchestration system.

Key benefits, according to the project’s GitHub page, include high availability, traffic orchestration, high performance, observability, extensibility, and integration. 

Easegress was built around three principles: 

  1. It must be traffic-specific
  2. It aims to be an extensible-development platform
  3. It is designed to be cloud-native

It is made up of four main components: the system controller, the business controller, the traffic gate, and the pipeline. 

Easegress offers several management features like support for multiple protocols, rich routing rules, resilience and fault tolerance, deployment management, and several security features. 

It also provides a number of features to ensure high availability. These include the ability to adapt request and response in the handling chain, validation, load balancing, cache for backend servers, compression, and hot-updates. 

More information is available here.