To enable organizations to secure every sign-on from any device,  1Password today launched its Extended Access Management solution.

Recognizing that remote work is becoming ever more prevalent, Extended Access Management was created to address the growing number of people accessing business applications from their own personal devices, the company said in its announcement. Meanwhile, in its 2024 State of Enterprise Security report, 1Password found that roughly a third of employees use apps and tools to boost productivity that were not approved by the organization. This “shadow IT” issue has led 79% of security pro respondents to the survey to say they don’t feel their security protections are strong enough.

“Security tools haven’t kept pace with the modern work environment, leaving security and IT teams without the ability to prevent sensitive data from flowing into unmanaged applications or block compromised devices from accessing critical applications,” said Jeff Shiner, CEO of 1Password, in the announcement. “Businesses everywhere are facing the Access Trust Gap, a measure of the percentage of total sign-ins that aren’t trusted. The greater the gap, the greater the risk of a data breach.”

Extended Access Management, the company said, is “a new category of security software that closes the Access Trust Gap in the identity and access management landscape,” which enables companies to manage unsanctioned and unmanaged apps and websites that are not secured behind single sign-on, as well as unmanaged devices not secured by mobile device management.

1Password Extended Access Management includes six key components to ensure that every identity is authentic, every application sign-in is secure, and every device is healthy, the company said. In the annoucement, the company listed them as:

  • Device trust – secures devices by monitoring device health in real-time to identify and remediate device compliance issues before permitting access, even for bring-your-own devices and contractors.
  • User identity (available in beta in fall 2024) – secures the workforce by managing the entire lifecycle of end-user identity from provisioning user access to offboarding.
  • Application visibility (available in beta in fall 2024) – secures all applications by providing IT and security teams visibility into the use of unmanaged applications, including shadow IT, in their businesses, enabling them to take newly discovered applications from unseen to managed.
  • Enterprise password management – securely stores and shares credentials and sensitive information – from logins and SSH keys to credit cards – with 1Password’s award-winning enterprise password manager.
  • Universal sign-on – extends single sign-on (SSO) to every application and website to reduce risk and secure every authentication, no matter how users sign in.
  • Contextual access management – applies policies to block access to apps on unhealthy devices and guide end users through self-remediation to regain access quickly.