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Dynatrace has announced that it is partnering with Google and Microsoft on the OpenTelemetry project. 

“Our goal is to ensure the ‘run the business’ software underpinning digital enterprises works perfectly, so we feel it’s important to contribute our expertise to this open source project to improve and advance observability in a broader manner,” said Alois Reitbauer, chief technical strategist and head of the Dynatrace Innovation Lab.

OpenTelemetry provides observability through generation, collection, and description of telemetry data. As the project becomes more popular, OpenTelemetry itself will serve as an additional data source to extend the capabilities of cloud observability, Dynatrace explained. 

The OpenTelemetry project was formed in May 2019 from the merging of two separate projects: OpenTracing and OpenCensus. OpenTracing provided APIs and instrumentation for distributed tracing. OpenCensus enabled the collection of telemetry data

Together the three companies will work to “shape the future of open standards-based observability.” They will provide technical knowhow, manpower, and code to add capabilities to the project, including higher-level instrumentation APIs, integration of universal Trace Context, and runtime management. 

“The ultimate goal of OpenTelemetry is to become the most complete telemetry system – suitable for monitoring microservices and other types of modern, distributed systems,” said Morgan McLean, product manager at Google. “We cannot reach that goal without the support of a strong ecosystem. We are thrilled Dynatrace is a core contributor to OpenTelemetry. The broader community will benefit from its nearly 15 years of experience in automated and distributed tracing for enterprises.”