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Google promises 10 years of updates on Chromebooks

Google wants its customers to be able to use Chromebook devices for a long time, and is announcing that from now on all Chromebooks will get 10 years of updates. This is more than any other operating system commits to today, the company claims.  The 10 year update period will begin automatically in 2024 for … continue reading

Google announced a new training program to expand the cybersecurity workforce

Google announced a new training program built by cybersecurity experts that aims to expand the cybersecurity workforce by filling major skills gaps in the United States and providing opportunities for people from a wide range of backgrounds.  The new Google Cybersecurity Certificate provides job seekers with affordable paths to careers in data analytics, IT support, … continue reading

Report: Public resolvers account for nearly 60% of recursive DNS usage

Public resolvers dominate the internet, accounting for nearly 60% of recursive DNS usage, while telecom giants represent nearly 9%, according to application traffic solution provider NS1. NS1 used its DNS Insights to analyze more than 7.5 trillion DNS queries and 15.1 trillion packets over a 90-day period in late 2022 to gather the data.  The … continue reading

Google completes acquisition of Mandiant

Google announced that it completed the acquisition of Mandiant, a provider of dynamic cyber defense, threat intelligence and incident response services.  The addition of Mandiant’s threat intelligence to Google’s data processing, novel analytics approaches with AI and machine learning, and a focus on eliminating entire classes of threats aims to help enterprises stay protected at … continue reading

Google and other companies form Data Cloud Alliance

Google Cloud and other database providers in the tech industry announced that they are forming a new initiative to ensure that companies have more seamless insights and access into the data they need for digital transformation.  “The proliferation of data, along with the many software and cloud-based applications used to analyze and manage it, means … continue reading

ITOps Times Open-Source Project of the Week: Community Security Analytics

Community Security Analytics (CSA) is a set of open-sourced queries and rules designed by Google for self-service security analytics that are designed to help detect common cloud-based threats.  Security Operations teams can use CSA to analyze Google Cloud logs to audit recent behavior and help detect threats to workloads. The queries are mapped to the … continue reading

Google Cloud now indicates which regions have the lowest carbon impact

Google Cloud now indicates the regions with the lowest carbon impact inside Cloud Console location selectors for Cloud Run and Datastream.  Regions that have a CFE percentage of at least 75% will be featured as a “Lowest CO2” region or a grid carbon intensity of no more than 200 gCO2eq/kWh.During pre-release tests, users were 19% … continue reading

Google joins O-RAN ALLIANCE

Google announced that it joined the O-RAN ALLIANCE, a worldwide community of mobile network operators, vendors, and research and academic institutions operating in the Radio Access Network (RAN) industry to help transform the telecommunications industry. RAN reduces the cost of ownership, scale, and overall complexity when it comes to mobile networks.  The alliance works to … continue reading

Google Cloud launches new virtual machine family Tau VMs

Google Cloud announced a new virtual machine family, Tau VMs, that delivers price-performance for scale-out workloads.  The first instance type in the Tau VM family, T2D, is based on Gen AMD EPYC processors and it enables the VMs to scale out workloads of any public cloud provider available today.  According to Google, Tau VMs offer … continue reading

Google’s VM Manager gets new OS configuration management

Google is previewing new OS configuration management inside its VM Manager solution. VM Manager is a collection of infrastructure management tools designed to ease and automate the maintenance of large Compute Engine VM fleets. The company first introduced the solution at the beginning of this year.  “OS configuration management is an important way that administrators … continue reading

ITOps Times news digest: Google Cloud Armor, Moogsoft updates, and AWS Incident Manager

Google Cloud has announced the general availability of Cloud Armor. Cloud Armor is a DDoS protection and Web-Application Firewall (WAF) service for Google Cloud. It absorbs network- and protocol-based attacks and mitigates OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities.  Cloud Armor Managed Protection Plus is a managed service that bundles DDoS protection, WAF capabilities, Adaptive Protection, efficient pricing, … continue reading

Anthos 1.7 comes with features to help anchor cloud journeys

Google has released the latest version of its managed application platform Anthos. Anthos 1.7 focuses on anchoring customers’ cloud journeys, creating a consistent operator experience, and establishing a familiar deployment target for developers.   The company believes that cloud journeys should be anchored to a single cloud because rather than bringing their current state to a … continue reading

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