At Oracle CloudWorld, Oracle announced that it is taking part in an industry effort to develop an open standard for network and data security, Zero-Trust Packet Routing (ZPR). 

According to Oracle, the growing complexity of IT environments have made it difficult for organizations to protect their data. Most current systems require security teams to “coordinate siloed solutions across database, network, application, and identity security, adding even more complexity when extrapolated across a number of different environments.”

This new standard will help address this challenge, Oracle says. It will let networks enforce shared policies, which will enhance security architectures without needing to change existing applications and networks. 

The new standard uses an intent-based security policy. Intents will be enforced at the network layer, and all traffic will include authenticated attributes about the sender, receiver, and type of data in motion, which will determine where that data can go. 

According to Oracle, this intent-based method will make it harder for attackers to exploit common security vulnerabilities. If an authorized user were to try to move data to an environment where it is likely to be misused, the policy would detect the violation of a security policy and block the movement of the data, as well as create an alert of the incident so that security teams can investigate. 

Oracle is working on this with other major technology providers, like Applied Invention, and companies from other industries, like Nomura Research Institute

“ZPR is how the Internet would have been designed from the start if modern security technologies had been available. I believe it is going to make everyone’s data more secure,” said Danny Hillis, co-founder of Applied Invention. “This initiative is an opportunity to make a generational improvement in cybersecurity for the entire world. We are looking forward to collaborating with Oracle and other industry leaders to realize its potential.”

Oracle also released a new platform based on the new standard: Oracle Zero-Trust Packet Routing Platform.