Vultr is attempting to make it easier for companies to manage data sovereignty with the launch of its new product, Vultr Sovereign Cloud and Private Cloud. 

This new offering ensures that data remains within national borders and is adhering to local regulations. 

According to the company, much of the existing cloud workloads out there are managed by a small number of cloud service providers located in concentrated geographies. This conflicts with the growing number of regulations that determine where data can be collected, stored, and used.

Vultr Sovereign Cloud and Private Cloud allows companies to access cloud-native infrastructure while keeping data within the national border it needs to stay in. The company is able to build these local clouds in any region of the world. 

The solution also offers benefits like air-gapped deployments and a dedicated control plane. It also gets managed by nationals of the host country, which is important for auditing purposes.  

“To address the growing need for countries to control their own data, and to reduce their reliance on a small number of large global tech companies, Vultr will now deploy sovereign clouds on demand for national governments around the world,” said J.J. Kardwell, CEO of Constant, which is Vultr’s parent company. “We are actively working with government bodies, local telecommunications companies, and other in-country partners to provide Vultr Sovereign Cloud and Private Cloud solutions globally, paving the way for customers to deliver fully-compliant AI innovation at scale.”