Backup company Veeam has announced the release of Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4. Veeam Availability Suite provides organizations with the ability to make all of their workloads highly available.

“Veeam delivers Availability for any app, any data, across any cloud, reducing complexity and out-performing legacy backup. Meeting your SLAs for low recovery time and point objectives for ALL applications and data improves overall data center availability,” according to Veeam’s website. In addition, the availability suite includes disaster recovery, verified recoverability, production-like testing, and proactive monitoring and alerting.

The company explained that this update will deliver new capabilities for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack, IBM Cloud, and thousands of other service providers. This release will also allow organizations to “accelerate innovation, improve operational efficiencies and assist with security and compliance management through Veeam DataLabs.”

Other features include:

  • Veeam Cloud Tier: Provides unlimited capacity for long-term data retention
  • Veeam Cloud Mobility: Will allow users to easily migrate and recover on-premise or cloud-based workloads to AWS, Azure, and Azure Stack
  • Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows v3: Provides enhanced options and flexibility, additional restore options, and more agent management features
  • Veeam Agent for Linux v3: Will enable workload mobility by providing comprehensive backup for Linux-based workstations, physical servers, and cloud instances