SUSE has announced the latest version of SUSE ATIP, which is a cloud infrastructure solution for telecommunications. It will be generally available in April. 

SUSE ATIP 3.0 introduces automated zero-touch rollout and lifecycle management for Kubernetes clusters and bare-metal infrastructure. This enables companies to scale cloud native network function deployments.

It also offers integration points that are based on CNCF’s Cluster API, which helps customers avoid vendor lock-in. 

SUSE also developed an integration with Kubevirt that allows users to run VMs alongside containers. According to the company, this enables operators to modernize infrastructures that are heavily dependent on virtual machines. 

The solution does carbon emissions monitoring and optimizes hardware usage to be as efficient as possible. 

And finally, the company partnered with Parallel Wireless, which is a provider of Open RAN solutions, to integrate ATIP into its ecosystem and enable a hardware-agnostic ORAN stack. 

SUSE ATIP 3.0 is validated for use on Intel FlexRAN on 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors.