GPU database developer SQream announced their first “technological collaboration” with enterprise data storage and advanced computing company X-IO Technologies today — the integration of SQream’s GPU-based edge computing and X-IO’s compact 2U form-factor-based Axellio database and storage technology for rapid data analytics for massive datasets.

According to the announcement, benchmarks for the collaborative solution showed ingestion and analysis of 1PB of data ran up to 2.5 times faster “than other flash-based hardware solutions,” reaching 11.5 TB per hour and consistent data rates of 3.2GB/s on each GPU, which SQream says is more than double the performance of the other solutions tested. The results were measured on a single node of the 2-node Axellio solution on NVIDIA Tesla GPUs.

“The combination of SQream DB and Axellio represents a leap forward in offering enterprises more resources to better and more quickly understand their business and give them an edge over the competition,” said SQream’s CEO Ami Gal. “Together, organizations are able to analyze even larger data stores, gaining new insights faster, at much lower cost and in a green solution that requires less hardware and energy resources to maintain the systems.”

Other features of this collaboration include resource savings in terms of hardware, man-hour costs and data center space; and compact 2U form factor.

“The dynamic combination of technologies gives businesses new access to insights from their data that are simply infeasible with current MPP and cloud computing approaches,” SQream wrote in the announcement. “Enterprises can use SQream DB with business intelligence tools like Tableau to make informed decisions about critical business aspects. Business users can ask more questions about more data, without limiting scope, cutting down, aggregating or forcing DBAs to remodel the database. This allows users to expand their query windows from weeks to years to find trends, query trillions of rows of data and get results faster.”