Quali, a provider of infrastructure automation solutions, recently announced the release of enhanced control plane features for its Torque platform. 

These new features work to extend automation and orchestration capabilities for heterogeneous environments including public, private, hybrid, and container infrastructure. This also brings improved cost visibility and strengthened governance over security and compliance protocols. 

With this, Torque works to provide DevOps teams control over their cloud resources without slowing down developer access to infrastructure.

Additionally, Torque now offers users the ability to set limits for maximum duration and the number of concurrent environments, limits for the total cost of an environment, Kubernetes cost reporting, and improved forecasting and resource consumption policies.

This update also brings developers an enhanced security posture. These enhancements include new customizable role-based access to blueprints, API Token Controls, and integrations with secrets management technologies. 

“Organizations are increasingly constrained in their application development capabilities due to the growing complexity of infrastructure and the proliferation of the underlying tools in their technology stacks,” said Edan Evantal, CTO of Quali. “Torque is the control plane that helps them maintain control over their infrastructure, so they can speed development while managing costs and enhancing governance to reduce risks to their organizations.”

Torque is available for a free 30-day trial of Torque Enterprise or as a free tier for individuals and some teams. Interested users can get started without needing to connect to a cloud account; either create an account or log in via GitHub to explore blueprints and environments.